Lampwork Bead Large Hole Slider Bracelet Bead Pale Yellow Gold Glass Fine Silver

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Handmade lampwork bead with a large hole! This European style large hole bracelet bead has a big hole that is about 5mm and fits onto my personal Pandora bracelet. It is one of my glass beads that is made using silver rich Double Helix glass. This handmade bead has a transparent gorgeous wispy cloud with .999 fine silver that has been encased under a layer of transparent clear glass. You can see by the photos about how different it looks photographed on a white background versus an organic darker background. The white background captures the pale yellow golden hue and ripples in the bead. The organic rock photograph captures the rippled cloud cover which is not as noticeable as a first glance. It looks fabulous on a sterling silver bracelet or black leather necklace.

Measures 15mm x 8mm
Hole size about 5mm

Handmade lampwork bead that will fit most European charm style bracelets and necklaces. These slider beads will fit most chains, cords, silk and ribbons. This glass bead is easily interchangeable. Slip it off of your bracelet and onto your necklace. Try it on a black leather necklace to total change the look.

Price is for bead only - bracelet and/or sterling slider beads not included. Other pictures are for visual examples only.

All lampwork glass beads are handmade by me, Covergirlbeads glass artisan, Charlotte Hayes. My handmade beads are made one at a time in my studio along the Texas gulf coast.


Support your worldwide and local artisans. Buy handmade! You'll be getting unique beads, jewelry and handcrafted items that only a few will ever own. Some items are even one of a kind!

LAMPWORK - THE PROCESS OF MELTING GLASS - I melt glass using my Carlisle mini cc torch winding it onto a mandrel. A mandrel is a metal rod. It is dipped in a silica based clay called we call bead release to prevent the glass from sticking to the mandrel. After forming the bead, it is placed in the kiln to go through the annealing process.

I use a variety of Moretti/Effetre Italian glass, Vetrofond, Lausha, CIM, Double Helix, Reichenbach, Bullseye, and TAG glass. I also use CZ cubic zirconias, dichroic glass, .999 fine silver, copper, silver leaf, gold leaf and palladium to add interesting designs and create elegant to organic styles of beads.

ANNEALING - Annealing is a MUST! It is a process done after forming the bead in the flame, it gets placed in a kiln for several hours in order for the glass to become the same temperature all over. This process relieves stress in the bead. Then the temperature is slowly decreased overnight until the beads are completely cooled to room temperature. This process takes hours and adds strength and durability to each bead. BEADS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ANNEALED HAVE A GREATER CHANCE OF CRACKING DUE TO STRESS AND THERMAL SHOCK.

CLEANING - Clean bead hole make for neater and nicer construction for artisans to assemble their jewelry. Some of the cheap imports are still filled with bead release and you should question where or not they have been kiln annealed. Always buy handmade!

PHOTOGRAPHY - I take a lot of pictures in order to get the best photos. However, sometimes it is still difficult to get great photos to show some things like dichroic sparkle in a bead just as an example.

Member of Self Representing Artists SRA #H98

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